Friday, February 24, 2012

Decorating Solutions with Stained or Fusion Glass

Clients of TurtleCreek Art Glass bring us some interesting decorating challenges. Here are some of the solutions we've developed using stained or fusion glass.

PRIVACY for a home office Located just off the front hall, the windows in this office are the main source of daylight. So to create privacy in the office, without blocking the sun, we created these fusion glass French doors.

A CAT passage

In the combo fusion/stained glass door in the middle picture,, the bottom centre panel is an open hole so the feline resident in this home can easily get from the family room to her litter box in the laundry-room.


On a winter night, looking up from a roaring fire at this stained glass hanging over the mantel, these clients fondly remember summer sails.

PUNCH in a narrow space

The sculptural 3D hanging below maximizes a small decorating opportunity.

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